What are LootFish?

LootFish is a unique NFT collection on the Avalanche C Chain featuring 10000 beautiful and exotic fish. There are hundreds of species of exotic fish in the collection, from rainbowfish to anglers to barbs. LootFish run the whole gamut of marine life, with no two perfectly identical. Catch fish and burn them to earn tokens, or raise them in a decked out mini-aquarium!


These ERC-721 LootFish and loot chests are deflationary. Burn a LootFish to earn $LFS ERC-20 tokens, which can be spent on fishtank decor in the future. Burn a loot chest to earn 5 AVAX! Loot chests can be acquired through the same minting process as LootFish. For details on how to burn LootFish, see this article.

The Specs

Lootfish come in 5 levels of rarity, excluding loot chests. They are regular fish, critters, jellyfish, special, and skeleton fish.

Regular (66%)

Critter (5%)

Jellyfish (3%)

Special (14%)

Skeleton (10%)

Loot Chest (2%)


25% Minted - We give away 10 LootFish to loot hunters!
50% Minted - We give away 15 LootFish and 10 AVAX to owners.
75% Minted - We give away 20 LootFish and 20 AVAX to owners.
100% Minted - Fisherman's marketplace, accessories sale and aquariums!


What is the license? You have full commercial license to your LootFish.

What NGO will you donate to? The Coral Reef Alliance (10k USD). (Completed via CharityVest!)

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